Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Review!

After watching several videos on YouTube raving about Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner, I decided to give it a try.

The Packaging:

Pretty neat actually. The conditioner comes out of the bottom of the bottle when squeezed. There is no cap you have to screw back on or a lid you have to flip. These next couple of sentences are probably going to disgust you. The opening at the bottom is kind of like a sphincter. It keeps everything in even though the laws of gravity tell us that the conditioner should be leaking out. I saw a video on YouTube where someone did a slow motion shot of the conditioner coming out when squeezed. I was somewhere between amused and horrified at the same time. Also, in case you care like I do, I don’t see a recycling symbol on the bottle. I could be wrong or not looking hard enough, but it is possible that you can’t recycle the container.


First, let me start this section by saying that I have very processed hair. I have chemically relaxed mixed african-american hair. My hair often just breaks off with simple tugging. I also have a LOT of hair. I don’t mean long. I mean I’ve got CRAZY amounts of hair coming out of my scalp. Half of my head is probably enough for one normal person. This means that the one bottle of 3 Min Miracle was used up really fast. I went through the bottle in about 2 weeks or less with every other day use. The first few uses were awesome. My hair was softer and less frizzy. Gave my hair that “slip” factor people talk about on YouTube. I could glide my fingers through my hair easily while the conditioner was still in my hair. Smelled really good too! However, towards the end of the first bottle, it seemed to not work as well. I’m not sure what happened. I also use Selsun Blue shampoo once a week. I only condition my hair the rest of the week. After showering, I use argan oil in my hair. I’m not sure if my hair stopped responding as well to the conditioner, or if one of the other products was responsible.

Other issues:

Made in the USA (a plus, I think)

Associated with Proctor and Gamble. Why is this important? Proctor and Gamble still does animal testing. According to their website, 99% of their stuff doesn’t have to be tested on animals. It is unclear to me what the 1% is. I’m not an extremist. I believe that testing on animals is sometimes necessary before things are used on humans. However, I don’t think testing cosmetics is enough of a reason to use animals. Many other companies get by fine without it. Sure, testing lipstick on animals seems fine. But what do you think happens to those animals when P&G is done with them? I’m guessing they don’t get adopted out to loving homes. Just something you may want to consider.

Overall impression:

It’s ok. I don’t think it lived up to the hype for me. And the bottles didn’t last long enough for my thick hair. But that is more my problem then anything. I think I’m going to continue trying other products or products specifically meant for chemically relaxed hair.

Please share your experiences with this conditioner 🙂


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