EOS Lip Balm


Occasionally, I’m going to post reviews of beauty products. Geeks and beauty are not mutually exclusive things.

I’ve seen this stuff in Target for several months. I usually just looked at it quickly and thought, “That’s so weird. Why do I want lip balm that looks like an egg?” I finally gave in and bought the strawberry balm. It wasn’t until after I had it that I found out how popular it was. Miley Cyrus apparently features the lip balm in one of her videos.

The Package

It’s a hard plastic container in 2 halves. The top half screws on and off of the bottom half. The container is great because I can drop it and not worry about the top falling off and getting all kinds of nasty on it. There is a small indentation on the side for your thumb for better grip. My only problem… it’s awkward! It’s not easy to walk around with it in your pocket. Women’s pants these days don’t have room. Also, it looks like you’re rubbing an egg on your lips.

The Product


Typically, the top of the actual balm would be rounded. But the picture above shows it as flat. This is because I’ve been using it A LOT. I love that it’s organic. I don’t support organic just because it’s a fad… and I’m definitely not a hippie. I support organic because I believe in preserving our planet for the future. Decreasing the amount of pesticides and weird stuff out there in the environment. Also, there isn’t enough research about the residual chemicals and byproducts in the things we use and eat. For example, why is there lead in some lipsticks? Ok, I’m done being preachy.

The lip balm feels really nice when you first put it on. It’s extremely smooth, isn’t super greasy. Mine tastes like some interpretation of strawberry that isn’t half bad. However, I found that the lip balm disappeared from my lips quickly. I’m willing to admit that maybe it disappears because I talk too much or eat too much. Just sayin’.

Would I reccommend it to a friend? Maybe. I’m on the fence about this one. I think I’ll have to give it some more time.


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