Grumpy Cat Halloween Mask

Happy Halloween!

Grumpy Cat mask (image from Snowdrop and Company)

Image from Snowdrop and Company

I saw this online and thought it was too clever to pass up. Besides, who has time and money for major Halloween costumes anymore?

Here are the instructions and template:

It’s a pretty neat blog!

I stopped by Michael’s Crafts Store today. I was pleasantly surprised how cheap this project is. I got several sheets of 9x12in felt for 33 cents each. I also bought Tacky Glue for $1.49. Note: all prices I have listed are before tax. I already had normal office scissors at home. You may want to use your craft scissors if you think they will cut easier. I didn’t have a particularly hard time, but it wasn’t really easy either. The one thing I didn’t find at Michael’s, was elastic to use as the mask strap. I was trying to find the type that usually comes on cheap party masks. I was told by a sales associate that they don’t carry it. I’m glad she knew exactly what I was talking about and she didn’t just stare at me like I’m an idiot. Which would have been acceptable given my poor description and the fact that I was carrying around my template of the Grumpy Cat mask. However, she did recommend 1mm elastic stringing cord that is used for jewelry. It was in the beading section. That was $1.49 as well.

Your cost may vary depending on what supplies you already have or need. Also, you may be happy to know that the Creatology felt was made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and made in the USA!

Of course I did this the day before Halloween, so I didn’t have time or money to elaborate on the costume more. I considered going to Hot Topic and buying one of those emo teen shirts that have funny/rude quotes on them. You know, something you could imagine Grumpy Cat saying. Or finding beige/cream clothing. Or whatever color the rest of him is. But alas, my wardrobe is lacking in neutrals.

UPDATE: I found a medium brown cardigan and cream/beige camisole in my wardrobe. Sigh. I’m really reaching at this point to put together a costume. Note to self: get a high paying job and stop procrastinating.

Here are some images from Hot Topic of possible shirts:

Hashtag Tee from Hot Topic (image from "Nope" tee (image from few tips:

1) Do not throw out the template pieces once you cut them. You can use the pieces as a guideline when you are putting it all together.

2) Make sure to cut out the eye holes in the brown and blue layers before gluing together. I missed this step and made the project harder for myself.

3) I’m still not sure if tacky glue was the right tool for the job. It seemed to take a lot of glue because it kept soaking into the felt. If you have something that works better for this material, you may want to consider using it.

4) I had plenty of felt left over. If you want to make multiple masks, I would just get more of the beige. I hardly touched the other colors.

5) You can try different colors. I was lucky and found almost exact matches to the colors in the photos on Snowdrop and Company.

Let me know if you decide to make the mask today and how it turned out. It’s a great last minute costume. If I get some more time, I will post the pictures of my project.

Total cost for the project = $4.96 (before tax).

Time: around 2 hours (I’m not that great with these kinds of projects… and I bumbled about a lot on the internet and other stuff, so probably less than 2 hours)


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