Two More Neil Gaiman Adaptations on the way

The Stake

If you’re a fan of Neil Gaiman, looking to encounter his beloved work in new formats, things are looking up. Gaiman’s work has been adapted occasionally in the past, Coraline most recently, as well as Stardust a few years back, but they have been until this year, relatively rare. Now, though, we know that three adaptations of Gaiman’s work are under way.

We’ve got the Joseph Gordon-Levitt adaptation of sprawling comicbook Sandman under our watch here at The Stake.

Yesterday, BBC announced that they’d be making a television mini-series from Gaiman’s 2005 novel Anansi Boys, the tale of two young men who discover they are 1) brothers and 2) children of the African Spider-God Anansi. The show is being developed by production house Red, which told BBC that Anansi Boys is in “very early development.”

Gaiman, for his part, is “thrilled” at the news.


But more exciting than Anansi Boys

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